Module DocOckAttrs

val empty : 'a DocOckTypes.Documentation.t
val read_attributes : 'a DocOckPaths.Identifier.parent -> ('a'kDocOckPaths.Identifier.t -> Parsetree.attributes -> 'a DocOckTypes.Documentation.t
val read_string : 'a DocOckPaths.Identifier.parent -> Location.t -> string -> 'a DocOckTypes.Documentation.comment

The parent identifier is used to define labels in the given string (i.e. for things like {1:some_section Some title}) and the location is used for error messages.

This function is meant to be used to read arbitrary files containing text in the ocamldoc syntax.

val read_comment : 'a DocOckPaths.Identifier.parent -> Parsetree.attribute -> 'a DocOckTypes.Documentation.comment option
val read_comments : 'a DocOckPaths.Identifier.parent -> Parsetree.attributes -> 'a DocOckTypes.Documentation.comment list