Module Dockerfile_opam

Rules for generating Dockerfiles involving OPAM

module RPM : sig ... end

RPM distribution specific rules involving OPAM and OCaml

module Apt : sig ... end

Apt distribution specific rules involving OPAM and OCaml

val run_as_opam : ('a, unit, string, Dockerfile.tPervasives.format4 -> 'a

run_as_opam fmt runs the command specified by the fmt format string as the opam user.

val opamhome : string

The location of the opam user home directory

val opam_init : ?branch:string -> ?repo:string -> ?need_upgrade:bool -> ?compiler_version:string -> unit -> Dockerfile.t

opam_init ?branch ?repo ?need_upgrade ?compiler_version initialises the OPAM repository. The repo is git:// by default and branch is master by default. If compiler-version is specified, an opam switch is executed to that version. If unspecified, then the system switch is default. need_upgrade will run opam admin upgrade on the repository for the latest OPAM2 metadata format.

val install_opam_from_source : ?prefix:string -> ?branch:string -> unit -> Dockerfile.t

Commands to install OPAM via a source code checkout from GitHub. The branch defaults to the 1.2 stable branch. The binaries are installed under <prefix>/bin, defaulting to /usr/local/bin.

val install_cloud_solver : Dockerfile.t

install_cloud_solver will use the hosted OPAM aspcud service from IRILL. It will install a fake /usr/bin/aspcud script that requires online connectivity.

val header : ?maintainer:string -> string -> string -> Dockerfile.t

header image tag initalises a fresh Dockerfile using the image:tag as its base.