Module Mirage_types

MirageOS Signatures.

This module defines the basic signatures that functor parameters should implement in MirageOS to be portable.

General conventions

Release 3.0.7

module type DEVICE = Mirage_device.S

Time and clock devices

module type TIME = Mirage_time.S
module type MCLOCK = Mirage_clock.MCLOCK
module type PCLOCK = Mirage_clock.PCLOCK
module type RANDOM = Mirage_random.S


Connection between endpoints

module type FLOW = Mirage_flow.S


module type CONSOLE = Mirage_console.S

Sector-addressible block devices

module type BLOCK = Mirage_block.S
module type NETWORK = Mirage_net.S

Network module

module type ETHIF = Mirage_protocols.ETHIF

Ethernet module

module type IP = Mirage_protocols.IP

IP stack

module type ARP = Mirage_protocols.ARP


module type IPV4 = Mirage_protocols.IPV4

IPv4 stack

module type IPV6 = Mirage_protocols.IPV6

IPv6 stack

module type ICMP = Mirage_protocols.ICMP

ICMP module

module type ICMPV4 = Mirage_protocols.ICMPV4
module type UDP = Mirage_protocols.UDP

UDP module

module type TCP = Mirage_protocols.TCP

TCP module

module type STACKV4 = Mirage_stack.V4

TCP/IPv4 stack

module type CHANNEL = Mirage_channel.S

Buffered byte-stream

Static Key/value store

module type KV_RO = Mirage_kv.RO

Filesystem devices

module type FS = Mirage_fs.S