Module Mtime

Monotonic wall-clock time.

Mtime provides access to monotonic wall-clock time. This time increases monotonically and is not subject to operating system calendar time adjustments. Its absolute value has no meaning and is not exposed. It can only be used to measure wall-clock time spans in a single program run.

Time resolution should be nanoseconds but can be less, consult the platform support for more information.

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val available : bool

available is true iff monotonic wall-clock time is available. If available is false time spans always return zero.

Time spans

type span

The type for non-negative time spans.

Span values cannot be constructed directly they represent the difference between two monotonic wall-clock time samples.

If the platform has nanosecond resolution the size of the data type guarantees it can measure up to a approximatively 584 Julian year spans before (silently) rolling over; but remember this is in a single program run.

Passing time

val elapsed : unit -> span

elapsed () is the wall-clock time span elapsed since the beginning of the program.

Time counters

type counter

The type for monotonic wall-clock time counters.

val counter : unit -> counter

counter () is a counter counting time from now on.

val count : counter -> span

count c is is the wall-clock time span elapsed since c was created.

Converting time spans

See this section for time scale definitions.

val to_ns : span -> float

to_ns span is span in nanoseconds (1e-9s).

val to_us : span -> float

to_us span is span in microseconds (1e-6s).

val to_ms : span -> float

to_ms span is span in milliseconds (1e-3s).

val to_s : span -> float

to_s span is span is seconds.

val to_min : span -> float

to_min span is span in SI-accepted minutes (60s).

val to_hour : span -> float

to_hour span is span in SI-accepted hours (3600s).

val to_day : span -> float

to_day span is span in SI-accepted days (24 hours, 86400s).

val to_year : span -> float

to_year span is span in Julian years (365.25 days, 31'557'600s).

val to_ns_uint64 : span -> int64

to_ns_uint64 is span in nanoseconds as an unsigned 64-bit integer.

Time scale conversion

The following convenience constants relate time scales to seconds. Used as multiplicands they can be used to convert these units to and from seconds.

The constants are defined according to SI prefixes on seconds and accepted non-SI units. Years are counted in Julian years (365.25 SI-accepted days) as defined by the International Astronomical Union (IAU).

val ns_to_s : float

ns_to_s is 1e-9 the number of seconds in one nanosecond.

val us_to_s : float

us_to_s is 1e-6, the number of seconds in one microsecond.

val ms_to_s : float

ms_to_s is 1e-3, the number of seconds in one millisecond.

val min_to_s : float

min_to_s is 60., the number of seconds in one SI-accepted minute.

val hour_to_s : float

hour_to_s is 3600., the number of seconds in one SI-accepted hour.

val day_to_s : float

day_to_s is 86_400., the number of seconds in one SI-accepted day.

val year_to_s : float

year_to_s is 31_557_600., the number of seconds in a Julian year.

val s_to_ns : float

s_to_ns is 1e9 the number of nanoseconds in one second.

val s_to_us : float

s_to_us is 1e6, the number of microseconds in one second.

val s_to_ms : float

s_to_ms is 1e3, the number of milliseconds in one second.

val s_to_min : float

s_to_min is 1. /. 60., the number of SI-accepted minutes in one second.

val s_to_hour : float

s_to_hour is 1. /. 3600., the number of SI-accepted hours in one second.

val s_to_day : float

s_to_day is 1. /. 86400., the number of SI-accepted days in one second.

val s_to_year : float

s_to_year is 1. /. 31_557_600., the number of Julian years in one second.


val pp_span : Format.formatter -> span -> unit

pp_span ppf span prints an unspecified representation of span on ppf. The representation is not fixed-width, depends on the magnitude of span and uses locale independent standard time scale abbreviations.

val pp_span_s : Format.formatter -> float -> unit

pp_span_s prints like pp_span does but on a seconds floating point time span value (which can be negative).

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