Package owl


OwlMake alias of the modules in Owl for your convenience.
Owl_constThis module is extended from gsl-ocaml by including SI system. CGS < MKS < SI. Read wikipedia on CGS and SI system for more details.
Owl_dense Dense matrix module
Owl_dense_complexComplex dense matrix module: this module supports operations on dense matrices of complex numbers. The complex number has a record type of {re = float; im = float}.
Owl_dense_realReal dense matrix module
Owl_fftFast Fourier Transforms (FFTs) : this module implements some basic FFT operations. Most of them are similar to the same funcitons in Matlab, and you will find it very easy to use in case you are familiar with Matlab.
Owl_linalgLinalg module
Owl_mathsMathematics module
Owl_optimise Machine learning library Note: C layout row-major matrix
Owl_plotPlot module The input to a plot function is supposed to be a row-based matrix.
Owl_prettyGeneric matrix printing functions.
Owl_regressionRegression module
Owl_sparse Sparse matrix module
Owl_sparse_complexComplex sparse matrix: this module supports the operations on sparse matrices of complex numbers. Becuase GSL does not support complex sparse matrices, herein I provided a pure OCaml implementation.
Owl_sparse_realSparse real matrix: this module supports the operations on sparse matrices of real numbers. The module is partly built atop of GSL fucntions. Because GSL only has limited support for sparse matrices. There are some hacks and workarounds in the code.
Owl_statsStatistics module
Owl_toplevelInstall Toplevel Printers
Owl_typesDefine the types shared by various modules
Owl_utilsHelper functions used in the library