Module Ezjsonm

An easy interface on top of the Jsonm library.

This version provides more convenient (but far less flexible) input and output functions that go to and from string values. This avoids the need to write signal code, which is useful for quick scripts that manipulate JSON.

More advanced users should go straight to the Jsonm library and use it directly, rather than be saddled with the Ezjsonm interface below.

Basic types

type value = [
| `Null
| `Bool of bool
| `Float of float
| `String of string
| `A of value list
| `O of (string * value) list

JSON fragments.

type t = [
| `A of value list
| `O of (string * value) list

Well-formed JSON documents.

val value : t -> value

Cast a JSON well-formed document into a JSON fragment.

val wrap : value -> [> t ]

wrap v wraps the value v into a JSON array. To use when it is not possible to statically know that v is a value JSON value.

val unwrap : t -> value

unwrap t is the reverse of wrap. It expects t to be a singleton JSON object and it return the unique element.

Reading JSON documents

val from_channel : Stdlib.in_channel -> [> t ]

Read a JSON document from an input channel.

val from_string : string -> [> t ]

Read a JSON document from a string.

val from_src : Jsonm.src -> [> t ]

Low-level function to read directly from a Jsonm source.

Writing JSON documents

val to_channel : ?⁠minify:bool -> Stdlib.out_channel -> t -> unit

Write a JSON document to an output channel.

val to_buffer : ?⁠minify:bool -> Stdlib.Buffer.t -> t -> unit

Write a JSON document to a buffer.

val to_string : ?⁠minify:bool -> t -> string

Write a JSON document to a string. This goes via an intermediate buffer and so may be slow on large documents.

val to_dst : ?⁠minify:bool -> Jsonm.dst -> t -> unit

Low-level function to write directly to a Jsonm destination.


val unit : unit -> value

Same as `Null.

val bool : bool -> value

Same as `Bool b.

val string : string -> value

Same as `String s.

val strings : string list -> [> t ]

Same as `A [`String s1; ..; `String sn].

val int : int -> value

Same as `Float (float_of_int i).

val int32 : int32 -> value

Same as `Float (Int32.to_float i)

val int64 : int64 -> value

Same as `Float (Int64.to_float i)

val float : float -> value

Some as `Float f.

val list : ('a -> value) -> 'a list -> [> t ]

Build a list of values.

val option : ('a -> value) -> 'a option -> value

Either `Null or a JSON value.

val dict : (string * value) list -> [> t ]

Build a dictionnary.

val pair : ('a -> value) -> ('b -> value) -> ('a * 'b) -> [> t ]

Build a pair.

val triple : ('a -> value) -> ('b -> value) -> ('c -> value) -> ('a * 'b * 'c) -> [> t ]

Build a triple.


exception Parse_error of value * string

All the following accessor functions expect the provided JSON document to be of a certain kind. In case this is not the case, Parse_error is raised.

val get_unit : value -> unit

Check that the JSON document is `Null.

val get_bool : value -> bool

Extract b from `Bool b.

val get_string : value -> string

Extract s from `String s.

val get_strings : value -> string list

Extract s1;..;sn from `A [`String s1; ...; `String sn].

val get_int : value -> int

Extract an integer.

val get_int32 : value -> int32

Extract a 32-bits integer.

val get_int64 : value -> int64

Extract a 64-bits integer.

val get_float : value -> float

Extract a float.

val get_list : (value -> 'a) -> value -> 'a list

Extract elements from a JSON array.

val get_option : (value -> 'a) -> value -> 'a option

Extract an optional document.

val get_dict : value -> (string * value) list

Extract the elements from a dictionnary document.

val get_pair : (value -> 'a) -> (value -> 'b) -> value -> 'a * 'b

Extract the pair.

val get_triple : (value -> 'a) -> (value -> 'b) -> (value -> 'c) -> value -> 'a * 'b * 'c

Extract the triple.

High-level functions

val mem : value -> string list -> bool

Is the given path valid if the provided JSON document.

val find : value -> string list -> value

Find the sub-document adressed by the given path. Raise Not_found if the path is invalid.

val update : value -> string list -> value option -> value

Update the sub-document addressed by the given path. If the provided value is None, then removes the sub-document.

val map : (value -> value option) -> value -> string list -> value

Apply a given function to a subdocument.

val encode_string : string -> value

Convert a (possibly non-valid UTF8) string to a JSON object.

val decode_string : value -> string option

Convert a JSON object to a (possibly non-valid UTF8) string. Return None if the JSON object is not a valid string.

val decode_string_exn : value -> string

Convert a JSON object to a (possibly non-valid UTF8) string.

val to_sexp : value -> Sexplib.Type.t

Convert a JSON fragment to an S-expression.

val sexp_of_value : value -> Sexplib.Type.t

An alias of to_sexp

val sexp_of_t : t -> Sexplib.Type.t

Convert a JSON object to an S-expression

val of_sexp : Sexplib.Type.t -> value

Convert an S-expression to a JSON fragment

val value_of_sexp : Sexplib.Type.t -> value

AN alias of of_sexp

val t_of_sexp : Sexplib.Type.t -> t

Convert an S-expression to a JSON object

Error handling

val parse_error : value -> ('a, unit, string, 'b) Stdlib.format4 -> 'a

Raise Parse_error