Module Migrate_parsetree_def

type missing_feature =
| Pexp_letexception
| Ppat_open
| Pexp_unreachable
| PSig
| Pcstr_record
| Pconst_integer
| Pconst_float
| Pcl_open
| Pcty_open
| Oinherit
| Pwith_typesubst_longident
| Pwith_modsubst_longident

Features which are not available in all versions of the frontend

exception Migration_error of missing_feature * Location.t

Exception thrown by migration functions when a feature is not supported.

val missing_feature_description : missing_feature ‑> string

missing_feature_description x is a text describing the feature x.

val missing_feature_minimal_version : missing_feature ‑> string

missing_feature_minimal_version x is the OCaml version where x was introduced.

val migration_error_message : missing_feature ‑> string

Turn a missing feature into a reasonable error message.