Module Ppx_inline_test

type maybe_drop =
| Keep
| Drop_with_deadcode
| Drop
val set_default_maybe_drop : maybe_drop ‑> Ppx_core.unit

How to expand tests if no "-inline-test-drop*" command line flag is passed.

val validate_extension_point_exn : name_of_ppx_rewriter:Ppx_core.string ‑> loc:Ppx_core.location ‑> tags:Ppx_core.string Ppx_core.list ‑> Ppx_core.unit

To be called on test extension points that use the ppx_inline_test runtime. Checks that tests are allowed with the given ppx command line, and that the tags are defined.

val maybe_drop : Ppx_core.Location.t ‑> Ppx_core.Parsetree.expression ‑> Ppx_core.Parsetree.structure